Check Out the Reviews Prior To Buying Expensive Jewelry

If you are somebody who’s interested in finding out reviews about a specific product and/ or business, then you may want to look over the following section. Aside from explaining some helpful techniques that you may want to incorporate into your search, we shall also have a general look at one item in particular. Continue on below to find out more information and details.

One of the most intriguing things about James Allen reviews is their association and reputation when it comes to providing diamond rings. We all know that diamond rings are generally the preferred piece of jewelry when it comes to proposing for marriage; the only challenge however, is when it comes to actually shopping for the ring.

White Gold and the Importance of Re-Dipping

White gold is all the rage today and with it comes something that my wife and I weren’t aware of back when I bought her ring: having to get the rings re-dipped. This article does a great job of explaining the concept of white gold vs. yellow gold, and if you’re in the market for a ring right now, you definitely will want to check out this column on glamour that talks about the things nobody tells you before buying. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that if you buy white gold, it will eventually turn yellow-ish in color over time and will require a re-dipping every 1-4 years in order to maintain its brilliant white finish. It can be costly, but you can count my wife among those who say it is worth it. –Adam


I originally wrote the story of how I bought my wife’s engagement ring a few years ago (originally posted at a different URL than today). At the time, there were no real, genuine James Allen reviews online that captured the purchase experience honestly and without bias. Nowadays, there seems to be no shortage of folks out there posting reviews of James Allen–some of which even seem to “borrow” content from my own, original experience. I have learned to let that go; at this point I know that my story is original and most important–honest and true.