An intimate affair

Your wedding is one of the most cherished memories of your lifetime. But what is even more memorable is the proposal day. This day is huge in both the man and woman’s life. You knew it, from the moment you looked into her eyes, that this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. She is the one you wish to wake up to, to create memorable instances and to experience all the walks of life together. She happens to be amongst the most important people in your life. Love is a feeling you experience everyday when you see her. And now, you wish to symbolise your love.

What connects you both is this fine piece of jewellery- the ring! A Wedding ring is a mark of love and lifetime commitment. Women more often than not usually have their ideas and designs of the make of the wedding ring since a long time. The trick here is for you to figure out what your girlfriend desires and make arrangements for the same to mark your love for eternity. If what you are wanting is someone who understands your love as much as you do then what you are looking for are James Allen Diamonds.

Whilst this is an important day of your life, there are certain practical things to consider before ordering an engagement ring-

1. Her lifestyle

Most women prefer wearing the rings at all times. They wouldn’t like to take it off for work, sports, workout or otherwise. Understand her working lifestyle. It differs from being a teacher where she is taking care of others to being a chef where her hands are continuously engaged. Another important pointer is if she is into any sort of physical activity. Be it athletics, working out or yoga, she doesn’t like having the ring taken off time and again. The ring shouldn’t cause hindrances of any sort either. So be practical before making your decision.

2. Her ring size

Though a minor issue, this plays an important role on your engagement day. It would be a total mood killer if you have to send back the ring to the jeweller for resizing it. To save you from this, there are tiny tricks to figure out her ring size. Either get hold up one of the rings she wears or tie a string around her finger for measurement while she is asleep. Here are a few tips on how to determine her ring size without spoiling the surprise.

3. Her style

Lastly but most crucial is determining her style. What kind of jewellery does she adorn? Does she go out often or just hang around at home? Pay attention to the fabric, colour and style she picks out. Once you have figured this out the perfect people you are looking for are James Allen Diamonds.

4. Your budget

Determine how much can you splurge. Remember, rings cost way more than what you imagine. Make your choice as you will live with this expenditure way long after you’ve been engaged. Do the necessary research if required and plan it all out.

Engagement day is a beautiful day you have been anticipating all your life. From the ideation, the decor, the music, your approach and capturing the special moment, you probably have been arranging this for months. Make the right decision by procuring the right kind of ring as this day seldom comes once, make the most of it!