Tips That Will Make Great Shopping On James Allen

Are you looking for where to pick a diamond engagement ring or regular gold jewelry? Here is James Allen for you. This online store opened shop in 1998 to sell engagement rings and lab grade diamonds of the highest value. It has now evolved to include selling other pieces of jewelry as well. This site has got a fair share of media coverage with features in publications such as “The Washington Post”, “NBC News” and “National Jeweler”. The store has made a name in selling world class jewelry pieces judging from the reviews given by clients. Looking for a place to purchase your jewelry, James Allen is the place for you.

There is a broad range of jewelry to choose from. Whether its diamond or gold, you are to find it on this site. There is an option to customize your engagement ring. This is unique since other jewelers do not have a similar feature. Well, let me take you through what to expect at James Allen.

Gold jewelry

With a variety of jewelry in yellow, white or rose gold minus a stone, you will not run short of ideas. Its collection of gold jewelry has earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces. There is also a wide range of bracelets such as the 14k gold having an engraved oval link in white. When it comes to necklaces, James Allen will wow you with spectacular 24k designs.

Engagement rings

James Allen offers you an option to customize your engagement ring. There is an option for you to choose your specifications so that a matching ring is availed to you.

There is a broad range for you to pick from. For the conservative type, there is three-stone, side stones, and unique tension settings. If you are the high-end kind, any James Allen review would be incomplete without mention of their exclusive ring collections from designer brands like M. Geller and Danhov.

Wedding and anniversary

There is a broad range of wedding bands coming in diamond, eternity bands, three-stone, and plain ones. You cannot miss the 18k yellow gold diamond ring and others of unique lavish and good value. If you prefer a three-stone ring, there are lots of stunning choices to select from. For a classic look, there are plain, two-stone and engraved bands.

Diamond jewelry

When looking for elegant and exquisitely designed diamond rings, this is the place for you. James Allen is well known for offering lavish diamond rings including the spectacular 4k white gold pendant with a teardrop design. You get information about carat weight and the amount of crystals for each distinct ring. It is beneficial in helping you make a decision.

Loose diamonds

There is a massive database of more than 55,000 grades of laboratory tested rocks which you can search with ease. Let the numbers not scare you, most of them accompanied with their images for your viewing. For you to choose the diamond of your choice, there is a search toolbar to ease your search. You need to put your custom specifications including shape, carat weight, and budget. Corresponding search results will be availed to you within no time.

With excellent customer service and excellent usability options, you can never go wrong with James Allen. Your shopping experience will be one you have never had before.