Wedding Proposals That Will Make You Jealous

The joining of two people together in holy matrimony is one of the most important things in our culture. This is the intertwining of two lives and involves an incredibly beautiful Union that is supposed to last clear up until death. For many people this begins with a truly unique proposal idea.

Each and every proposal is a special opportunity to express your love and to ask the person that you care for to spend the rest of their life with you. Most people don’t come up with the perfect proposal idea until they’ve already met the person that they plan on spending the rest of their life with. Others, have actually been thinking of this their entire lives. Regardless of the amount of time that you put into this idea, there’s some fantastic suggestions that can improve the entire experience.

It all starts when you meet the one. That one person who does more than just make butterflies in your stomach. These are the people who continue to make those butterflies years after you’ve met them. Even when you’re used to them, the thought of them coming home still makes you just a little bit giddy. This is the kind of relationship that we all search for, and so few people Truly find. This is why it’s important to hold on to that one person who makes you feel this way. The first step is meeting this person in getting to know them. The second step is deciding how to ask them to spend the rest of their lives with you.

The rest of your lives start with the purchase of the perfect ring. This is something that can be a family heirloom, or a purchase specifically for the person who you care for.

Nothing says I love you like a custom-designed ring that you’ve had made specifically based on the wants of the person who you love. Once you have that ring, you have to figure out the best way to give it to that special someone. There are so many cliche ideas that involve getting down on one knee in a crowded restaurant. This is fantastic and works for many people, but there are some more creative ways to get that proposal out there. You can check out the James Allen reviews and other places for excellent ideas on rings and how to give them. These are just a few of the more creative suggestions:

Airborne Proposal

There are many private Airlines, and helicopter services that can allow you to go up in the air with your loved ones and do that proposal in one of the most breathtaking places in the World. Imagine hovering at 10,000 feet at Sunset when giving her that ring. Hot air balloons are another favorite, and they can be chartered for much less money. It’s also a quieter ride that moves at a slower pace and gives you more of an opportunity if you have a speech in mind.

Zoo Proposals

How many of us had this fantastic childhood memories of spending time with your loved ones at the zoo? This is a place that was filled with not only magic but almost a Sentimental Feeling like the area was made just for you. You can bring this childhood feeling back by renting out a section or the entire Zoo for your proposal. This is a great way to let your loved one know that they’re cared for, imagine taking a moonlit walk through the zoo and interacting with animals before getting down on one knee and making that lifetime proposal.