How Far Should You Go When Considering an Engagement Ring?

Have you ever heard the silent rule that says you should spend at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring? The kind of ring to get for your fiancée is more of an emotional thing rather than a rational decision.

Two things will define what kind of ring to take home:

  • The expectations of your fiancée
  • Your financial position

Find a balance between the two, and you will find a ring that you want. We all have different expectations, and that should help define where you stand. Relying on any other theory may not be realistic in your case. We are going to look at different scenarios that should determine how much to spend on any of the James Allen rings if that is what you intend to have.

What is your Fiancée’s Expectation?

I do not think there is any other way around it, getting a ring for your fiancée matters because of the following reasons:

  • The ring symbolizes a sign of your love and commitment, and it is a show of investing your future in that other person.
  • Girls who spent their entire childhood fantasizing about the engagement day will be disappointed when you get a ring that does not reflect that dream.
  • Women want and love rings on their fingers every day. Naturally, she will want something that gives her joy.
  • The good thing about making an effort to find a perfect ring is the appreciation you will get from your partner.

What is Your Financial Situation?

Look at the future beyond the ring. After your partner’s expectations, the most important thing is what is in your budget. A budget is an open calculation that does not give a right or wrong answer; there are better ways to help you out.

Keep away from a ring that will push into debt. The society we live in today is pushing people into financial ruins because no one wants to look into the future. You may have to consult a credible financial advisor to determine the following:

  • The current income
  • Current and running expenses
  • Savings
  • Potential income

The above factors should give you an indicator on how much you can afford. Ideally, you are not supposed to spend on a ring and remain in debt. Do it without financing unless there is a possibility of settling the debt within a couple of months.

Once you know the kind of ring to buy within reasonable means, consider visiting a shop with James Allen rings, and get an estimate on how much an engagement costs.

Saving Money on an Engagement Ring

You have decided on the ring and agreed on where to buy it. Here are the simple things to do to get a better bargain.

  • Avoid shopping during peak times: Rings bought during Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day are pricey
  • Play with what you know: If you want a diamond ring, get all the details about diamond and categorize them according to size and carats. The same should apply for a golden ring or any other gem that interests you.


The best way to give your partner what she wants is to make sure you are both happy throughout the entire process.