How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend

Congratulations on deciding that you want to take your relationship to the next level. You can shop for James Allen diamonds and ensure the love of your life gets overjoyed and excited with your choice when you pop the question. However, before you buy the perfect engagement ring for the perfect woman in your life, there are a few things to consider.

Fix the Budget

It goes without saying that the worth of your engagement ring comes from the meaning and sentiments behind it. However, it is necessary to have a budget in mind at the initial stage so that you can check online to find the ring design and diamond characteristics that your fiancée would love.

Select the Ring Style

When you shop for James Allen diamonds, you will realize that there are a range of ring styles and this can make it overwhelming to choose the right style for your girlfriend. Think of your girl’s clothing and accessory to get an idea of the style she will love. While some girls prefer classic or glamorous, there are others who prefer modern and nature-inspired. Your partner will know that the relationship is ready to move the next level and may drop veiled hints about the engagement ring. So, be alert for these cues to get an idea.

Choose Your Gemstone

Most engagement rings feature a diamond, but you can also get these rings with sapphires. You can opt for a solitaire or go for a design with multiple diamonds. You also have the option of choosing a combination of diamonds and sapphires. However, make sure that the engagement ring’s gemstone fits the taste of your girlfriend.

If you are keen to buy a diamond, learn the 4Cs – carat, cut, clarity and color. All diamonds are graded (and hence, priced) based on these 4Cs. Remember, it is the cut that governs the beauty of the diamond while the clarity determines the value of diamond. You will be hard-pressed to find a diamond without any microscopic flaws and blemishes.

Select the Shape of Your Diamond

Diamonds are usually cut in 10 basic shapes. Round is the most common shape that people go in for, especially for engagement rings. As a result, round is also more expensive compared to any other diamond shape. You can go for other popular diamond cuts, like princess cut and cushion cut, which are not round and hence, do not cost as much.

Choose the Metal for the Ring

Once you have decided the size, cut and shape of the diamond, it is time to select the metal. Most engagement rings are available in white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold. Out of these metals, platinum and white gold are extremely popular. Just check your girlfriend’s jewelry to determine the metal she favors and then select the same metal for your engagement ring.

Finally, it is time to determine your girlfriend’s ring size. The most common ring size is 6 to 6.5. However, you have the option of quietly taking a ring from her jewelry box and determining the ring size based on it. It is always best to have a larger size as it can be refitted to your girlfriend’s finger rather than blundering with a smaller size.