How to shop for an Engagement Ring like a Pro

Shopping for an engagement ring becomes easier if you take time to learn about the 4Cs, know her personal preferences and taste, and find a good jeweler to partner with.

Here’s how to shop for an engagement ring like a pro:

Set your budget

Jewelry is beautiful and has a way of making you want to buy on impulse. But since you want to buy like a pro, be sure to decide up front the amount of money you want to spend on the engagement ring. With the price range in mind, you’ll even make it easier for the jeweler to pull out right rings that match your specifications.

Learn the 4Cs

There’s plenty to learn about diamonds before you even set out to buy James Allen ring. You can start with the characteristics that influence the value of diamonds – carat, clarity, color, and cut. This way, you’ll know what’s crucial to you, and what you can give up to fit your budget goals.

Learn her jewelry taste

Although jewelry is beautiful and all sparkly, you don’t want to pick just any piece. That’s why it’s essential that you observe her jewelry. This will help you determine whether she’s more modern or classic. You’ll also note if she wears yellow or white gold if her pieces are chunky or delicate, ornate or sleek and more. With her preferences in mind, you’re almost sure you can’t go wrong.

However, if she’s not much of a ring person, you can go with average ring size 6 – based on the average US female 5’4” tall, 140 lbs weight. If she’s heavier, taller or larger-bones, she probably wears ring size 6.5 to7.5. If she’s more fine-boned and slender, then she’s probably in the 4.5 to 5.5 range. Rule of thumb is to buy a bigger size than you imagine she is because it’s easier to size down a ring than to increase its size.

Know what she likes

If your girlfriend is the expressive type, chances are she’s already voiced her opinion regarding the shape and cutting style that she loves – probably by admiring one of her friend’s rings. Let this be your guide while you’re considering the shape. Remember she’s going to wear the ring every day for as long as the two of you stay married. So, the shape should pretty much match her daily wear. If you’re still contemplating what to choose, then stick to the classic, round or square shape. After all, old is gold. They are classics because they are timeless.

Decide on a setting

Her lifestyle will help you determine this. If she’s an outdoor person or an active one for that matter, then a less elaborate, lower profile or more secure mountings will do. If yours is all glamour, statement settings with more intricate ring detail, a unique motif or a higher stone profile will perfectly do. If you buy James Allen rings, you can select from their many settings including Solitaire, Sidestone, three stone, and Halo settings.

Decide on a metal

Diamond rings are designed to stand the test of time, so they’re often made of platinum or gold. These materials are durable and can last several lifetimes of daily wear. Depending on her preference, you can either pick yellow, rose or white gold. Keep in mind that diamonds are affected by the surrounding color; this should also guide you in selecting the perfect metal.